Welcome to Nerd Glow

In every group of friends I’ve ever had, and really in any social situation where I find myself suckered into the conversation, there’s no topic more accessible and more beloved than pop culture. If someone’s passionate about a movie or a musician, you can be sure they’re going to let you know about it. Still, while in-depth one on one conversations about last night’s episode of your favorite show or that killer book you found at a garage sale have their merits, the beauty of the internet is the ability to find a much farther-reaching crowd to share your thoughts with.

I noticed many people telling me about how they would love a place to nerd out about the things they love. To really give glowing reviews to the things they wanted others to hear about. From that, the first concept of NerdGlow was born. I wanted to create a site where those I know and those I don’t know can unabashedly gush about the things they’re passionate about. By the same token, I want people to be able to let the world know why other artistic ventures have disappointed them.

On this site, you’ll find writing about movies, TV shows, video games, music (ytmp3), books, and basically anything else that people may love within the world of pop culture. Heck, at some point there may even be articles about board games or the Sunday crossword. If it’s worth discussing, we’ll bring it your way.

So now it’s time for me to stop rambling and for you to get back to reading the much more talented writers that can be found on the pages of this site. Pick your favorite category and dive right in.

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!