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    3 Arcade Games to Master Before Star Wars Battle Pod
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    The marriage of Star Wars and video games goes back as nearly far as the films and has been a much more constant companion. Like the films, the games have had their share of ups and downs, but at least there was volume. If the one you were looking forward to playing bombed, you didn’t have to wait a […]

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    Star Wars: The Internet Awakens
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    If there is one word I would use to describe the Star Wars: Episode VII teaser trailer, it would be tense. From the first moment of the first shot, the viewer is filled with questions, none of which are completely  answered. We’re sitting in front of our computer screens pulling our hair and screaming, “It’s […]

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    A Few Star Wars Tropes Disney Should Avoid
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    As world shattering to pop culture and storytelling as the original Star Wars trilogy was, the movies were not without their flaws. None of the pronunciations of planets or species were consistent. The worst actors in A New Hope were the Stormtroopers. They weren’t even actors! They were voiced by disk jockeys across the street […]

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    Who Are The Mandalorians?
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    Just about every Star Wars fan can agree that Boba Fett is a badass. I would bet money that even Star Trek fans like him. Armed with minimal screen time and no more than five seconds of dialogue, Fett still managed to blast straight into the hearts of fans ever since his first appearance on […]

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    Loose Canon Ponders Ewoks, Turns To The Dark Side
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    What’s so special about Endor? Why were little teddy bear people able to bring down a galactic government? Why is the dark side so sexy? If you’ve ever pondered these questions, then you need to check out the latest installments of our Star Wars podcast: Loose Canon. Listen to There’s Something About Endor and How Sith Work. You’ll find […]

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    What’s New For Loose Canon
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    The first NerdGlow podcast, Loose Canon, is well underway. With four episodes live on the web, wannabe Jedi Nicholas Oswald, Patrick Ebersole and Alex Lowe have been quickly showing the world that they spend more time thinking about the Star Wars universe than the universe they live in. This week’s episode is part physics lesson […]