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    Gone Girl Review From A Reader
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    “Amy is ten times crazier in the book.” It was a sentence I said to everyone I knew who’d seen Gone Girl and hadn’t read Gillian Flynn’s original novel. I told friends, coworkers, my movie-viewing partner. I felt it needed to be said, since Rosamund Pike’s icy, measured, sociopathic Amy was already pretty far-gone, mentally speaking. Gone Girl, David Fincher’s […]

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    Gone Girl Review From A Non-Reader
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    Director David Fincher’s mind must be a dark, stylish place… That is, if his mind mirrors the movies he makes. Se7en, Zodiac, and The Game show that murder-mysteries are Fincher’s wheel house, and now the director is back with Gone Girl—the film adaptation of the super popular book of the same name. Gone Girl gives […]

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    A Gillian Flynn Reader’s Guide
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    Gillian Flynn has written three books, none of which you should loan to your 12-year-old sibling. Here’s a quick, relatively spoiler-free guide, should you want to bone up before the cinematic premiere of Flynn’s third book Gone Girl, in October 2014.   Sharp Objects If you like: David Lynch, Law and Order: SVU, and books and […]

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    Will Gillian Flynn Ruin Gone Girl?
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    Gone Girl, the adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s third book, comes out October 3, 2014. I’ve been waiting for a Flynn movie since her first novel debuted, and Gone Girl—a super-hit mystery about a warped marriage—was a clear choice for another dark Hollywood thriller for David Fincher to put in his pocket. The story might as […]