• Tim couldn’t wait to finally cast Steve Job’s shadow aside…by dusting off another Steve Jobs tradition.
    Apple Watch: Why Your Wrist Will Be Sore In 2015
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    One More Thing, Once More As the whole world tuned in to Apple’s September 9th event as it always does, it was all but confirmed that we were getting a watch from our demigods in Cupertino. If you were able to get past the catastrophic live stream without having a coronary or do the reliable thing […]

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    Confessions Of A Fanboy: Why I Loved WWDC 14
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    Alright, I’ll tell you right off the bat. I’m a massive Apple fanboy. I am among the ilk that think the world’s most exciting tech company walks on San Francisco Bay water. So you can imagine that whenever there is any kind of unveiling of the next manna from heaven, I’m going to view it with […]