New Kids On The Cell Block – Orange Is The New Black Season 2

The ladies of Litchfield Correctional Facility are back in a new season of the prison comedy/drama Orange is the New Black. Season Two, released on June 6, 2014, brings 13 new episode of the Netflix original series, full of as many as jaw dropping, cringe-worthy and laugh out loud moments as the first season.

Tackling topics from government fraud to drug addiction and sexuality, the show pays little mind to remaining politically correct. Creator of Orange is the New Black Jenji Kohan is able to humanize these women who are stripped of their rights behind bars and also illustrates the injustices of the justice system using witty and racy rhetoric. In an effort to avoid too many spoilers, the following is an introduction to a couple characters who add some drama to the mix on this season of Orange Is The New Black, in case things were getting dull.

Brooke Soso

Inmate Brooke Soso (Kimiko Glenn) arrives with an activist attitude, a bit too much naivety and a mouth that never shuts. Soso is constantly babbling about her hippie adventures, her views on the social and political injustices in the world and her opinions about the miserable conditions of prison. Besides driving everyone around her crazy with her non-stop chatter, Soso’s biggest accomplishment of the season is instigating a hunger strike in an effort to address the unsafe and unsanitary living conditions at Litchfield. Although the pursuit presents challenges, it does not go unnoticed by the prison administration. Soso’s independent mindset prove that she is stronger and smarter than her fellow inmates and many viewers of Orange Is The New Black may think.

Yvonne (Vee) Parker

This may be the first time Orange Is The New Black viewers meet Vee Parker (Lorraine Toussaint) but it’s not her first time behind bars at Litchfield. The heroin-dealer returns to be greeted by some familiar faces, including Taystee and Red. The audience learns that Vee and Red, who viewers met during Season One, served time together years before and are what one could call frenemies (to put it lightly). To Taystee, Vee is a mother-figure and the reason that Taystee herself is back in prison. Vee’s persona is like a lioness, strong and solemn, leading her pack of cubs — Taystee, Suzanne, Watson and Black Cindy. She is also a master manipulator, or what other OITNB characters call a psychopath, and does whatever it takes to stay on top. By the end of the season, most have learned (some the hard way) not to mess with Vee.

So why not take a few hours to watch an episode or two or 13 and get to know Soso and Vee and learn more about all the characters you already love or love to hate.

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