Valentine’s Day Cards For The NerdGlow Lovers

And to further borrow from the brilliance of (500) Days of Summer

It’s these cards and the movies and the pop songs, they’re to blame for all lies and the heartache, everything.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve decided to bring you some cards that you can use for people you actually like, instead of just handing over the generic script fonts and various shades of purple and red on a folded piece of paper. (How’s that for cynicism?)

The Valentines below are NerdGlow originals with a focus on the past year of excellent movies and TV. Or if you think we’re rubbish, scroll down and head to the next page for some of the best we found around the web.


dumb and dumber

Grand Budapest








Go on to the next page for some of the best found around the web.

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Alex wishes he had the smarts of Will Hunting, the skills of Jason Bourne and the nose of Linus Caldwell. You also might find him sticking his fingers into spiderwebs, just in case one happens to be radioactive.

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