NerdGlow’s Netflix Recommendations Pt. 6


Death Note

From Jackson Lewis

If you’ve never watched anime before but have always been curious, Death Note is a great place to start. If you’re already an anime fan and you haven’t seen Death Note, that rock you’re living under must be gigantic.

This mix of detective drama and supernatural thriller will have you hooked before you realize what you’re watching. Anyone who enjoys Showtime’s Dexter will feel comfortable with the main character, Yagami, whose mindset is oddly similar to America’s favorite homicidal rogue in hiding. But imagine if Dexter was more than just a man. Imagine if he had god-like power and the ability to choose, with the scribble of a pen, when and how anyone on earth dies.

This series is a chilling reminder that even the most intelligent, peaceful and promising among us can become monsters if given the chance.


From Alex Lowe

Considering this is October, it’s about time to bring a horror recommendation, and what’s better for Halloween than a bunch of med students bringing bodies back from the dead? I know that would be what I’d do in my free time if I was at Stanford.

Sure, some of the effects in Re-Animator may seem a bit dated, but it comes from the glory days of great practical effects, and that carries a lot of weight in my book. While modern medical zombie movies may seem to be all the rage, I prefer my zombies to come about from a notch of serum injected by a well-meaning scientist. If you agree, then Re-Animator is definitely worth a watch.

Blue Ruin

From Alex Lowe

I was late to seeing Blue Ruin, not watching it until it was finally on Netflix. But that meant I had already heard the hype from multiple trusted sources. As trusted as they are, with the hype this brutal revenge flick was getting, I had a hunch it wasn’t going to be able to live up to the expectations. I was wrong.

From the start, the tension is almost unbearable, even when there’s no reason for any tension at all. It’s the use of silence that is so eerie, and I can only imagine seeing it on the big screen where you’re blasted by sound, that this would seem all the more jarring. As is, watching it in a quiet, dark basement is a completely adequate replacement. This is one of the best independent films I’ve seen in years, and if the world was a fair place, it’d be in the awards hunt.

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