NerdGlow’s Netflix Recommendations Pt. 4



From Jackson Lewis

Watching a normally comedic actor in a dramatic role can be a thrill. Take Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction or, in this case, Jack Black in Bernie.

More often than not, I tend to think of Jack Black as more of a musician/comedian than an actor, but this movie lays it all out there: the man really does have a talent for acting. For those of you who are not familiar with the story, I will not give away details, but it is based off of a true one. Black’s performance is not just funny. It’s honest and sometimes terrifying.

And while Black is stunning, the rest of the cast, including Matthew McConaughey and Shirley MacLaine, really nail it, too. As a native Texan with roots in West Texas, I can attest to the accurate portrayal of culture in the deep country of the Lone Star State, where things are so quiet that you could practically get away with murder.

Mr. Nobody

From Alex Lowe

Immortality is some pretty cool stuff.

But when I saw the first trailers for Mr. Nobody, it didn’t seem to be as much about immortality and it did inevitability, insatiable desires and inconsistency. Or basically enough i-words to make it seem like an Apple commercial.

When I finally got around to watching the movie though, I was absolutely blown away. The version on Netflix is the director’s cut, clocking in at a notch under 3 hours, but every savory minute is well worth it. Jared Leto is incredible in all sixish characters he plays. It’s definitely sci-fi, but there’s a lot more going on there, enough so that it should appeal to everyone.


From Alex Lowe

For those of you who loved Friends (which I assume is about everyone at this point?) you’ve likely been looking for the next show to step into that niche. Every fall we have multiple new sitcoms dubbed “this generation’s Friends” but so far none of them have come close to filling that niche. However, if you go over to the BBC, you can find an excellent show, that still isn’t quite the same as Friends.

Coupling is more like if you took Friends, condensed each season into six episodes, made all the characters British, and had a lot more sex. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then you can’t go wrong with the hilarious show that is on Netflix in its entirety.


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