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While a good trailer can get me really excited and great images from set have their place, there’s no form of promotion that gets me more excited than a quality film poster. Unfortunately, studios often are faced with churning out mindless sheets that can draw Jimmy and his mom into the theater on release. More often than not, the art suffers. But when a film is beloved by many, the internet takes over and fan art abounds.

Case in point, Drive. One of the biggest cult classics of the 21st century, Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 film has developed a fervent following. A good chunk of those fans also turned out to be pretty solid graphic designers and we all get to reap the benefits.

The visual art of the movie is one of many factors in why it’s so dang good. Refn said Drive was like Pretty In Pink with a head smash, so there’s obviously going to be some non-traditional visuals in there. The pink lettering and neon colors serve as a stark contrast to Gosling taking a hammer to someone’s head. Minimalist is really hot in posters lately, and while it doesn’t always work, the dialogue in this movie is minimalist in its own right, so it all comes together quite well when used here. Not all the posters are minimalist though, some blast you with the neon pinks and yellows that are so closely associated with the film.

I could write on and on about why each of the posters that you can see below are awesome, but that’d be a waste of your time to read. The art speaks for itself, and I want it to do just that. So head on down and check out the gallery of Drive fan art below.

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