Welcome To The New NerdGlow

Hello again!

I’d like to take this chance to formally welcome you to the renovated NerdGlow, though you likely already know that if you clicked on this article.

For the foreseeable future, NerdGlow will be delivered in a periodical format. That means a chunk of articles coming out every two weeks, on Thursday morning, hopefully by the time you wake up and put your bread in the toaster. Then there will be silence. That gives you the time to take your time reading and it gives us the time to come up with a new batch of articles and put the proper amount of time into writing them.

For some time I’ve felt that the internet promotes a hasty manner of writing that doesn’t always bode well for a quality read. There are obvious exceptions to the rule, but good feature writing isn’t usually churned out within minutes or even hours. By spacing it out to every two weeks, you know when there will be new content and that the content will be worth reading.

I hope you enjoy and that we’re able to bring you many more weeks of quality articles. Get active in the comments sections. Let us know what you think. Head to the sidebar and like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and Force push your friends to do the same. But most of all, just read the stuff you want to read, because that’s the stuff we’re trying to write.

-Alex Lowe

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Alex wishes he had the smarts of Will Hunting, the skills of Jason Bourne and the nose of Linus Caldwell. You also might find him sticking his fingers into spiderwebs, just in case one happens to be radioactive.

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