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I first heard about The Humans from Evan Minsker’s Shake Appeal column, and I just thought to myself, “Yeah, that’s something I would be into.”

Simple as that.

From there I got in contact with the right people and managed to procure a copy of issue #0 and the accompanying 7” record (both of which I would soon find out was at the end of it’s stock) featuring the first songs of what is planned to be a soundtrack to each issue.

And goddamn I was right.

The art from Tom Neely and the colors from Kristina Collantes perfectly fit Keenan Marshall Kenner’s story of the titular biker gang from our ape-centric ‘70s story. The juxtaposition of the familiar concept of badass biker gang with the fact of them being apes makes for the psychedelic sequences being that much more weird. I cannot stress how much the art and colors fit the comic either, I mean just look at the spread across the front page of their website:


And the music. Holy shit the music. It fits in perfectly with the comic and definitely sounds like the kind of music The Humans would be listening to. Issues #0-1 provided the first two tracks of rawness from Zig Zags, who are riding high on this year’s great debut record, and Smelly Tongues, a band that features none other than Keenan Michael Keller’s wife Lesley “Destroyer” Ishino. Zig Zag’s “Human’s March (Let’s Die)” chugs menacingly with the snarl reflective of The Humans’ general attitude, when the song speeds up about two thirds of the way through, you realize they probably stopped smoking and popped the pills to shift into overdrive. Smelly Tongues’ “Live to Ride” demonstrates the The Humans’ experiences whilst consuming some sort of hallucinogen, all odd angles and noises. Both of these tracks most definitely seem like the kind of thing you would find on the jukebox in The Humans’ clubhouse, and fantastically both bands make cameos playing at the clubhouse during Mojo’s funeral.

The soundtrack to Issue #2 brings another depth to the music of The Humans. We have firstly, the proto-metal of Goblin Cock with “Just Fucking Humans”. The pace definitely feels like that of a speed-fueled ride by the gang, as well as the attitude. Then we have “Ride To Die” from the actual (?) ape-band Boss Kong. This song is all attitude and snarl. You can almost hear the drool flying off their fangs. This song is straight up mean. Unfortunately no cameos are in this issue, but it does take place immediately after Issue #1.

Even if you are not normally a comic person, I would highly suggest you stop by your local shop and pick up The Humans (out on Image), as this comic is phenomenal in both art, colors, and story, and beyond that, tune in to their Soundcloud to pick of the month’s soundtrack FOR FREE. Unfortunately it looks like the previous issue will be removed when the new month’s is put up, but it just ends up being more motivation to keep up. The creators have mentioned a desire to put out a 12 inch record compiling all the music as well as more 7 inches, so keep look out on The Humans Facebook page for details.

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