Dare to Be Stupendous: The Poster Art of Ryan Duggan

I have this fantasy that every city has its own amazing concert poster artist. You know the kind of posters I’m talking about: the screen-printed, bright-colored works of art you see at the best bars and venues. The thick-stocked signs you tear down and steal the moment you realize you’re going to the show. This fantasy is wishful thinking I guess, but honestly I’ve been pretty spoiled. Milwaukee, my hometown, has Eric Von Munz, and Chicago, a place I go often, has Ryan Duggan. Duggan has a new book out called Dare to Be Stupid, and let me tell you, it’s anything but*.

The book is a collection of show posters Duggan made from 2006-2014 under his imprint, Drug Factory Press. It ranges from his earliest work (letter cut offs and all) to his more recent. All display simple illustration, effective color and a sharp humor. Duggan has the kind of unpretentious, working-class punk aesthetic you find in the Midwest. The images rarely have anything to do with the show at hand, but always catch the eye. It might be a punk eating Chipotle, a raccoon with Funyuns, or Gumby committing harikiri; they all draw your attention. Duggan annotates each poster with its backstory, and a few friends and fans contribute short essays. The result is a fantastic work published by HoZac Books. Copies are limited to 300, so grab yours now!


* Ok, well maybe a little bit

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