Mass Effect and the Re-Release Trend


Science fiction has the ability to pull an audience into an awe-inspiring world of wonder and possibility while also making you feel like nothing more than a speck on a dot floating around a light rocketing through an immense, empty space. There are few ways that I get more intrigued than when something makes me feel so small.

Few franchises have succeeded more in the world of video games in giving you that feeling than Mass Effect. Humans are the new kids on the block in the intergalactic society and they’re not the most liked bunch of aliens around. But, there is one more vital part to make the feeling mentioned above so powerful; that small, insignificant speck claws and fights there way to the end, against all odds.

Lucky for everyone, Mass Effect will be bringing that great trilogy and galaxy spanning story to “next-gen” consoles. (I find it so odd that current-gen is still next-gen until some unidentified time in the console timeline.) And I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve played through all three games in the Mass Effect trilogy more times than I’m proud of. But, I’m still not tired of them. It’s been quite some time since I played all the way through and I’m chomping at the bit to fly through a mass relay once more.

The revelation that these three games may become one contiguous experience, with all of the downloadable content worked into its proper place in the story is just icing on the cake. I would’ve taken three barely upgraded versions of the three original games and thrown my wallet at BioWare to get them.

The experience of flying through the galaxy at speeds unimaginable and having adventures that are not within our reach is a very popular topic this month. Interstellar‘s release has brought out the most exploratory tendencies in us. The beautiful visuals and story that span the reaches of the known universe and beyond were brought to life beautifully by Christopher Nolan. You can experience those themes in many ways, including with your very own Commander Shepard.

This leads us to a much more concrete question than the ones that send the Normandy hurtling through space. Is remastering old games fair? The quick answer I have is; why wouldn’t it be? Of course it’s lazy and unimaginative, much the opposite of what is to be lauded about the game itself. This is a quick money grab for the development company. They’re making us chumps by buying a game we’ve already bought and played ad nauseum.

So what? Put a new coat of paint that ups the visuals to 1080p and 60 fps on one of the most popular game series and I’m in. This isn’t like re-releasing movies constantly in order to grab some money (I’m looking at you Star Wars), this is giving people the ability to play a game that they no longer can because of the constant new console cycle.

Some of the best games out there; The Last of Us, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, have or are getting remastered versions for next-gen consoles. These are games that people that already have beaten them want to continue playing and that people who haven’t played them need to invest in. I’ll have my pre-order ready when the release date gets announced and no one can convince me I’m a fool for it.

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