5 Things To Look Out For At E3 2014

It’s here, gamers! It’s here! That time of the year where executives take the stage to deliver cringe-worthy set-ups in ways The Oscars never dreamt of! E3 is days away, and a deluge of trailer and gameplay clips is sure to arrive on our internet-doorsteps soon. Here’s the games I’m sure will be delivering some note-worthy content starting this Tuesday.

1. Batman: Arkham Knight

I’m a big fan of Batman. My articles should reflect that–as should the dozens of hours I’ve sunk into the great Arkham games brought to us by Rocksteady studios. Addictive action, empowering stealth, and kick-ass easter eggs came together to dispel the curse that was believed to have been cast on almost all Batman video games. With the bar permanently raised to a very high level, Rocksteady is concluding their time with the Dark Knight in their next-gen send-off that is Arkham Knight. Arkham Asylum cemented the tone and general feeling of being Batman, Arkham City showed us what it was like to be the guardian of Gotham city, and Arkham Knight promises to deliver the experience of driving really fast in the Batmobile.
Like, really fast.

Slap some impressive visuals on top of that, an even more improved combat system, and an incredible array of voice talent–and you’ve got a game to keep your eye on.

2. The Next Fallout Game

It’s been over two years since Skyrim came out and held us all hostage from our loved ones–meaning one thing:

You’re still playing Skyrim.

AND that Bethesda has had enough time to debut the newest entry in the Fallout franchise. Details are fairly scarce on what could be coming our way aside from the rumors alluding to possible locations for the new game. Apart from that, we’re left with our imaginations and speculation to give us an idea of what Todd Howard could be cooking up for us. But isn’t that enough to get you excited? No? Well, imagine the immersive wastelands of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas made even more immersive due to the power of next-gen hardware. Also–a brand new absurd story filled with fun, interesting, and frustrating choices.  ALSO, ALSO: an in-game radio with more than two hours of content.

I swear…if I hear Somethings Gotta Give” one more time…

3. Star Wars: Battlefront

One of the shortest, least revealing trailers of last year’s E3 was the debut teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront–and it was also one of the few that aroused nearly primal screams from the press sitting out in the crowd.

"As if millions of spouses suddenly cried out in frustration and were suddenly silenced. "

“As if millions of spouses suddenly cried out in frustration and were suddenly silenced. “

Again, this is a game we don’t know much about–besides that fact that it’s being developed by DICE. So, take the massive team-based battlezones of the Battlefield games, place them in the iconic settings of Hoth, Kashyyk, and Geonosis, throw some speeders and various starships in there and you’ve got a game exciting enough to make me poodoo in my Jedi Robes.

Too far?

4. Mirror’s Edge 2

DICE released Mirror’s Edge back in 2008–right around the time that Infinity Ward had put out Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare–a game that created a new FPS genre that all developers are finally moving away from. While nearly all FPS games at the time were transitioning out of the World War II setting and moving into the “modern” setting, Mirror’s Edge provided something different: a free-running based first person shooter that focused less on shooting things and more on avoiding getting shot. The gameplay emphasized going fast…like really fast–keeping the player on their toes and leaving a desire to always reach for a faster, more agile playthrough. It seems like the public didn’t pay too much attention to Mirror’s Edge when it was first released, we were all too focused on shooting us some no-Nazis with guns that now fired faster and had cool glowin aim-sigh things on them. But over time, as Mirror’s Edge‘s price dropped, gamers sought relief from the grays and browns of the uber-grounded modern military shooters that had saturated the FPS genre and went on to introduce themselves to the vibrant, energetic world that Mirror’s Edge offered. Since then, fans have been beeging EA to make a sequel–until a trailer at E3 2013 made rumors into reality.

Here’s hoping for even less focus on using guns in the game and more focus on disarming. EA is sure to implement some sort of multiplayer function into the game as well. I’m hoping for some sort of co-op campaign. Regardless of what new features are or aren’t announced, the visuals of Mirror’s Edge being brought to next-gen platforms is enough to get me excited.

5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Ooooh, this will be a good one. CD Projekt Red were likely underdogs when they released The Witcher back in 2007. It was a fantasy-based RPG, adapted from a Polish book series–and the games were only available for PC. On its face, it seemed like such a game made by little-known developers had no chance at success, but the game’s tactical combat emphasis, rich story, and complicated morality system ended up setting it apart from the competition. In 2011, CD Projekt Red released The Witcher 2, which brought drastically improved graphics (arguably making it the game with the best graphics at the time) and an even more engaging storyline with choices that completely changed the course of the game.

Now, we have The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to look forward to. The game promises to expand on nearly all of the previous iterations’ gameplay content. The developers have estimated the game world to be more than “30 times’ larger than The Witcher 2‘s world, which ensures what may be the best free-roam RPG experience yet. It will also ensure the return of your trusty pee-bottle.

It’s been a while, old friend.


Any games you’re looking forward to? Do you think The Last Guardian will finally re-appear? Comment below!

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