Loose Canon Tackles Hutts, Droids, Copyright Lawyers

The Loose Canon Boys

Ok maybe not actual copyright lawyers…yet.

Loose Canon is now more than halfway through season 1, are you up to date? Check out our latest installments: The Huttcast and How Droids Work. Gain tips on how to stay on a Hutt’s good side, which is way better than their back sides, am I right? Play “Droid or No Droid” along with us, and shock yourself with how desensitized to droid abuse you are.



Check out the rest of our episode via iTunes, Stitcher, or our blog. And may the dorks be with you!

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I spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about Star Wars. You can hear my overused puns on the Star Wars Loose Canon podcast. Once in a while I'm distracted enough by alternative and pop music to write about it. Otherwise it's jaded musings about metal and Apple fandom.

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