The Coolest Acoustic Music Videos Courtesy Of The Airborne Toxic Event

Every year awards are given out for the best music videos, most of which are made on a fairly high budget. The videos from the early days of MTV are still watched for their memorable images and stories. There are still videos on MTV today (I think) though very few of those will be worth remembering (I’m certain). As much as I enjoy something like a classic A-Ha video, there’s something to be said for getting your band, grabbing an acoustic guitar, a drum, and an upright bass and finding a pipe somewhere to play music in.

Or at least that the approach The Airborne Toxic event has taken, with a series of the most awesome acoustic videos you’re going to find. At the bottom of this post I’ve included four of my favorite videos, but if you want to check out the full set, you can do that on the band’s Youtube channel.

I’m aware that these came out as early as 2008, but somehow plenty of people have missed these videos, so I had to write a little bit and get them posted. I won’t talk too much about them, the videos speak for themselves, but I will say that I think they’re barely short of brilliant.

I don’t only love these videos for the series of innovative locations that they’re filmed in, but they’re pretty great renditions of the songs. I actually may like this acoustic version of Something New better than the original. Yes, it’s helped by the boat they’re floating along on, but that diminishes nothing from the music itself.

I don’t mean to complete bash modern music videos. There are some pretty awesome ones out there with innovative direction and visuals that finds a way to add something to the music. Still, there are very few mainstream videos that can compete with what The Airborne Toxic Event has done. Check out four below, the full channel at the link above, and enjoy!

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