A Wild Death Grips Release Appears!

You can’t make this stuff up. Ok, it turns out that maybe you can make this stuff up, but only Death Grips can make it stick. Like the opposite of a thief in the night, Death Grips released their fifth LP via Facebook post.  Sunday night at 11:30 Eastern may not be the most opportune time to drop an album curiously titled niggas on the moon, but there it was and it spread like wildfire immediately. This was their third release in a row to drop without warning. No social media hype. No media of any kind for that matter.

The announcement also teases niggas as part one of a double LP called the powers that b. Part two titled jenny death is due out later this year. Stranger still, the Grips claim to feature Björk on all eight tracks. History (read: the internet) shows you can’t exactly hold Death Grips to its word. See here  and also here. But lo and behold, Björk’s own Facebook post corroborated the story.

The album itself is a half hour of pure hell in the form of glitchy loops and a probably-shroomed up MC wishing you the worst. If you’re not listening for Björk or if you’re not familiar with the Icelandic siren’s work, you probably won’t notice her above the noise the first time around. Upon a second or third listen, the large framework of her clippy samples becomes more and more apparent. Making the otherworldly tones of Björk sound like the hades of rap that is Death Grips was a huge artistic undertaking. The effort shows in the mix.

The brave can download niggas on the moon from http://thirdworlds.net/files/niggas-on-the-moon.zip or https://mega.co.nz/#!M9NgEaAR!Ey3EhQ3nb5kijwinEn53x41lY6-CdAoi-Kv6UfGqZJY. Otherwise, you can dip your toes in the acid bath here: https://soundcloud.com/deathgrips/sets/niggas-on-the-moon.

Staying noided is stranger than fiction.

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