The Dance Party Gets Experimental With New Project: Brett

Though no one would blame you for being skeptical of a band named The Dance Party, their moniker is no bait-and-switch. Take one listen to their most popular Spotify song, “Sasha Don’t Sleep”, and Two Door Cinema Club and the Kooks are immediately brought to mind. The Dance Party may be aptly named, and a good number of their songs are downright catchy, but the dance rock category isn’t an easy one to infiltrate when you’re up against stadium fillers like Friendly Fires, Passion Pit, and Foster the People, among many others. The Dance Party may lack the pull (and possibly the right British accent) to do so.

But you know what they say – “if you can’t beat ‘em, start an experimental side project that is actually a lot cooler” – or something.  The Dance Party was either going to strike gold and write “an A+ motherfucking slam-dunk top hit like Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” , or slowly fade away into obscurity. Brett, their new side project, gives the band a chance at a new playing field with fewer barriers to entry, and a new measurement for success.

Just two days ago, Brett’s newest song “Lovers” was posted on Cascine’s SoundCloud, a label known for artists Keep Shelly in Athens and Chad Valley. “Lovers” is pure dream pop goodness and has the group from D.C. dropping their electric guitars and picking up synthesizers. “Lovers” also featuring deadpan vocals from label mate Kim from Yumi Zouma. “Lovers” is less MGMT and Phoenix and more Wild Nothing and Blood Orange.

The Dance Party’s new direction with Brett should help them climb the indie ladder as they fill a weirder, more interesting trend developing in music.

Listen to more of Brett’s songs here, or watch their retro-future music video for “Kate Moss” below:

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