• Jurassic Park
    The Ill-Fated Mothering of Alien Bastard Children in Contemporary Sci-Fi
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    Science Fiction has long been a meditative genre; a mirror for one to view the human condition through bionic eyes and through the cockpits of wormhole-accessible spacecraft. In more contemporary sci-fi, however, we can find new elements emerging in the fogged lens of our mirror. Sci-fi now not only reflects gender issues more prominently, such […]

  • star-wars-game-ad-2
    3 Arcade Games to Master Before Star Wars Battle Pod
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    The marriage of Star Wars and video games goes back as nearly far as the films and has been a much more constant companion. Like the films, the games have had their share of ups and downs, but at least there was volume. If the one you were looking forward to playing bombed, you didn’t have to wait a […]

  • tHE gIRL on the train
    The Girl on the Train Review
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    We’ve all done it, some people call it spying or being intrusive but it is most often referred to as people watching. Seeing someone and wondering what kind of person they are, what they do for a living, if they’re married, what kind of life they live and so on. That’s exactly what Rachel, the […]

  • Whiplash-5547.cr2
    Whiplash Review
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    When the blood begins to spurt from the webbing between his thumb and his forefinger, seeming to splash in time with the unrelenting jazz drumbeat, you just want it to be over. In fact, you wanted it to be over three minutes ago, when you could see the post-traumatic stress already beginning to form in […]

  • Joey Badass - B4.DA.$$
    B4.DA.$$. – Joey Bada$$ Review
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    Joey Bada$$ B4.DA.$$ Cinematic / Relentless January 20th, 2015 Joey Badass (stylized Bada$$) is a 20 year old rapper from Brooklyn, New York who, at his age, has already accomplished quite a bit. He is a founder of hip-hop collective Pro Era, a progenitor of the Beast Coast movement, consisting of other New York hip-hop […]

  • Twerps Range Anxiety
    Twerps – Range Anxiety Review
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    Twerps Range Anxiety Merge January 23rd, 2015 This record should come with a warning sticker: SAVE FOR SUMMER. It is one of the sunniest albums you’ll hear all winter. Don’t believe me? Tune in to track three (“Back to You”). The guitars bounce and the organ swirls. Lyrics find the singer “hanging in the trees […]

  • tumblr_m8vhxfsmno1qazmoxo4_1280
    Obligatory Death Grips Speculation
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    On July 2nd, 2014 Death Grips unceremoniously announced their departure from the music industry by way of an image of a note written on a napkin posted to Facebook. Let’s revisit that sentence before proceeding. It contains two fallacies when talking about Death Grips. First is the fallacy that they would be considered part of any music […]

  • The Babadook
    The Babadook Review
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    I should start by saying that if you’ve ever had to look under your bed for monsters or check to make sure your closet door was closed while you slept, this film is not for you. The critically acclaimed Australian film, The Babadook, which might be described as a psychological thriller, resurfaces all the fears […]

  • 1392716410_unbroken-oo
    Unbroken Review
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    When a movie about an Olympian and a war hero releases on Christmas Day, it’s easy to see exactly what the studio is thinking: The Academy Awards. And that’s fine. Films rarely suffer if the studio markets them as an award contender. Where films can suffer is when the filmmakers are making them in a […]