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    The Heart Review
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    A month or so ago, a friend of mine gchatted me. “I have a podcast I think you’ll really like,” she said. “It’s flame.” The Heart, she said, when I pressed her. Have you heard of it? No, I hadn’t heard of it. But I had a 40-minute commute ahead of me and I was […]

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    Sufjan Stevens at the Riverside Theater (4/23)
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    Sufjan Stevens as an artist always seemed to me as something of a recluse when it comes to his public life and persona. Never one to shy away from a large project, (a 5-disc Christmas album for example), Sufjan Stevens has allowed his musical work to speak more for himself than any publicity in recent […]

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    Mad Men S7 E8 ‘Severance’ Review
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    Naturally, spoilers follow. Mad Men is ending this spring. If I keep saying it maybe eventually I’ll be okay with it. But all personal feelings aside, the cable drama that put AMC on the map in terms of original programming and ran the pass thrown by The Wire and The Sopranos into the end-zone to […]

  • A hilarious t-shirt available at this concert
    Mikal Cronin – Prairie Center for the Arts, Schaumburg, IL 2/21/15
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    I went to a strange Mikal Cronin concert on Saturday, February 21 of this year. Perhaps I should qualify that. The concert was strange because it was in Schaumburg, Illinois – not exactly one of the burgeoning garage rock havens of the country. The concert was strange because it was at the Schaumburg performing arts […]

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    It Follows Review
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    To describe It Follows as wasted potential would only be scratching the surface. Here you have a setup reminiscent of other classics akin to The Ring, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and even Halloween to an extent, and they’ve managed almost completely squander a good idea. In this critic’s opinion, contrary to the mixed to high […]

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    Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly Review
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    Kendrick Lamar is a rapper from Compton, California. His 2012 album and major label debut good kid, m.A.A.d city is one of my favorite albums. The album had an overarching narrative with each song giving part of the coming of age story of Kendrick. The beats were great and varied and the album was lyrically […]

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    House of Cards Season Three: Hitting It Out Of Nats Park
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    Disclaimer: SPOILERS ABOUND. (Though, if you haven’t watched the entirety of season three already, I’m not sure what you’ve been doing.) I love Kevin Spacey. That’s not the spoiler. But, like—I love him. If Kevin Spacey were to walk into a bar and ask me to go home with him at the risk of losing […]

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    Behind The Throne: Tyrion Lannister and Richard III
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    SPOILER WARNING: If you aren’t caught up on Game of Thrones, you probably should go take care of that before reading this article. Especially considering the limited amount of time you have to catch up before the new season starts. Imagine for moment: you are a commoner in a pre-industrial kingdom. After a hard day’s […]