• Heathers
    The Original Mean Girls: Where Everyone’s Favorite Comedy Got Its Inspiration
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    The ten-year anniversary of the premiere of Mean Girls was this past April, prompting a slew of Facebook statuses, tweets and blogposts from various millennials waxing poetic, quoting memorable lines and fretting over how “old” they feel. A decade later, Mean Girls is a pop-culture icon—slightly amazing, considering the over-stimulated world we live in where […]

  • 007 Nightfire
    Nightfire Is The Best 007 Video Game Ever
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    Ah! Ack! Stay back! Sorry, was just fighting off all the hate spewed at me for spelling Goldeneye: N-I-G-H– well you get the picture. But, let it be declared right now in the blackest of ink, I stand by my claim! I’ll start by addressing my relationship with Goldeneye, because I assume there aren’t many […]

  • Batman-and-Robin
    What Warner Needs To Do To Get DC Films Back In The Game
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    It’s a great time to be a nerd, folks. Game of Thrones, an HBO series featuring dragons, sorcery, swordplay, and beautiful naked people is a cultural focal point, a theme park that realizes the wonders of the Harry Potter universe exists, ceasing the former nagging question of “what does Butterbeer taste like and why am […]

  • gone_girl
    Will Gillian Flynn Ruin Gone Girl?
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    Gone Girl, the adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s third book, comes out October 3, 2014. I’ve been waiting for a Flynn movie since her first novel debuted, and Gone Girl—a super-hit mystery about a warped marriage—was a clear choice for another dark Hollywood thriller for David Fincher to put in his pocket. The story might as […]

  • background
    Welcome To NerdGlow!
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    Welcome to NerdGlow! In every group of friends I’ve ever had, and really in any social situation where I find myself suckered into conversation, there’s no topic more accessible and more beloved than pop culture. If someone’s passionate about a movie or a musician, you can be sure they’re going to let you know about […]