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    Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Bring Tyranny
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    There’s been a constant cycle of confirmation, denial and then rumors about new albums from The Strokes ever since the New York garage rockers first took an extended break. Well that period has produced two albums and there’s talk of another one possibly landing in 2015, which is phenomenal news for all fans and everyone who has […]

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    South Park: The Stick of Truth Review
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    Fart humor, liberal use of derogatory slurs, assaulting you peers…sound fun? Well, good luck getting away with that unless you can return to Middle School. I can’t… they won’t let me go back. I don’t want to talk about it. Luckily, South Park: The Stick of Truth is available for those of us who yearn to […]

  • 43.-No-Mans-Sky
    5 Neat Games from E3 2014
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    Another year, another E3. As usual, the show provided an overwhelming bounty of debuts along with new batches of gameplay reveals. Want some sparknotes? Here are some of the games that have found their way onto my radar. 1. Halo: The Master Chief Collection At Microsoft’s Xbox One conference, we were introduced to an ambitious feat that tickled […]

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    Snowden, Surveillance, And The Power Of Persuasion
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    Edward Snowden is quoted claiming that his goal in releasing top secret NSA documents was to “spark a world debate about privacy, Internet freedom, and the dangers of state surveillance,” and it is with this mindset that I write this article. Everyone should be as informed about this information as possible, and No Place to […]

  • Lana-Del-Rey-Ultraviolence
    Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence Review
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    Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence Interscope   Sharpen yourself up and make ready for a bit of the old Ultraviolence. Lana Del Rey is the performing pseudonym of Lizzie Grant. Or is Lizzie Grant really the pseudo-person here? Her third studio album Ultraviolence installs a new window into her Malibu beach house mystery. With the surprising […]

  • Drive
    The Best Drive Fan Art
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    While a good trailer can get me really excited and great images from set have their place, there’s no form of promotion that gets me more excited than a quality film poster. Unfortunately, studios often are faced with churning out mindless sheets that can draw Jimmy and his mom into the theater on release. More […]

  • Anti-hero
    Anti Anti-Hero
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    In the season two opener of Orange Is The New Black, Piper Chapman, the show’s protagonist, is dealing with the aftermath of her brutal attack on a fellow inmate. While being transferred under guard on a plane bound to Chicago, she treats her fellow travelers—and the audience—to a tearful monologue on her newly realized capacity […]

  • thedivision
    5 Xbox One Games That Won’t Suck
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    A year has passed since the official reveal of the Xbox One, and by now the  “all in one entertainment system” talk seems laughable. If you bought an Xbox One it’s because you wanted the best gaming experience that the next generation of consoles could offer. Sure, voice commands are nice, but none of my friends that […]

  • nathan2
    Nathan For Us
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    A local eatery in my hometown of Strongsville, Ohio was on a reality show called Restaurant Impossible a few years back. The name of the restaurant was The Mad Cactus and it has been an awful establishment for as long as I can remember. The experts on Restaurant Impossible came in with full confidence that […]