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    4 Fantasy Characters Who Deserve A Spin-Off    
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    In any series, there are some characters you just want to see more of. Media producers have been capitalizing off this desire since 1941, when Throckmorton P. Guildersleeve (what a name!), a supporting character from radio comedy show Fibber McGee and Molly got his very own program. In the last 70-odd years of pop-culture, there […]

  • Anti-hero
    Anti Anti-Hero
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    In the season two opener of Orange Is The New Black, Piper Chapman, the show’s protagonist, is dealing with the aftermath of her brutal attack on a fellow inmate. While being transferred under guard on a plane bound to Chicago, she treats her fellow travelers—and the audience—to a tearful monologue on her newly realized capacity […]

  • nathan2
    Nathan For Us
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    A local eatery in my hometown of Strongsville, Ohio was on a reality show called Restaurant Impossible a few years back. The name of the restaurant was The Mad Cactus and it has been an awful establishment for as long as I can remember. The experts on Restaurant Impossible came in with full confidence that […]

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    Why I’m Nervous About The Battlestar Galactica Movie
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    The Dwight Schrutes of the world are in a state of simultaneous excitement and trepidation as Universal Studios have announced their intention to produce a movie version of the sci-fi franchise Battlestar Galactica. With four TV series within the universe, Battlestar is a mildly (read: IMMENSELY) under-appreciated drama about the battle between humans and their […]