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    Who Are The Mandalorians?
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    Just about every Star Wars fan can agree that Boba Fett is a badass. I would bet money that even Star Trek fans like him. Armed with minimal screen time and no more than five seconds of dialogue, Fett still managed to blast straight into the hearts of fans ever since his first appearance on […]

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    Casting The Stand
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    Stephen King’s novel The Stand is frequently regarded as one of the iconic author’s best works. It’s got all of the works of an epic narrative: crumbling society, dystopia, terrifying evils, relatable altruists, and folk song lyrics. Surprisingly, the film has not been adapted into the big-screen epic that it seems so well-suited for–but that’s not for […]

  • The-Drop
    The Drop Review
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    For all the explosive action coming to the big screen from studios looking for the next blockbuster, it’s always nice to have something more contemplative (when done well). In the case of The Drop, there’s no shortage of elements that would fit right into a Shane Black film, or even (shudder) a Michael Bay flick. Fortunately […]

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    Casablanca Revisited
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    There’s a reason certain works of art are called classics. The word implies a sense of worth—an established importance that maintains relevance well beyond its debut. Classics are re-readable, re-watchable, re-listenable. It’s not just that they hold up; upon each revisit, you discover something new. I’ve seen the film Casablanca three times now. I remembered […]

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    Side Effects Review
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    CAUTION: Viewing Side Effects may lead to increased desire to watch Rooney Mara act in anything, feelings of anxiety that you won’t go bald as suavely as Jude Law, and intense depression that Steven Soderbergh is retiring from directing. In addition, there may be aggressive reactions to how sharp the story is, unusual thoughts brought […]

  • Boyhood
    Boyhood Review
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    Going in with the right mindset, Boyhood is a refreshing masterpiece. This picture puts any other coming-of-age story to shame simply because it outclasses the generic, phony worlds we’re usually presented with. No one’s going for an Oscar, here. There are no forced clichés or cheap tactics. This is as real as life gets in […]

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    NerdGlow’s Netflix Recommendations Pt. 3
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    Happy Valley From Dale Price Fans of British crime dramas are easily among the best catered to groups on Netflix, with Luther, Wallander, The Fall, Sherlock and more still popping up periodically. Happy Valley is the latest BBC drama to surface, and it’s another cracker. Starring Sarah Lancashire as tough police sergeant Catherine Cawood, the […]

  • Aladdin Robin Williams
    Aladdin And Why Robin Williams’ Death Stings
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    By the time I sat down to begin writing this article, I had written an obituary for Robin Williams, written a tribute to his performance in Good Will Hunting, watched a half dozen Robin Williams movies, and spent a week and a day reflecting on the loss of one of my favorite actors. At this […]