• The Interview
    Kim Jong-Un Might Have Been Right to Fear The Interview
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    For better or worse, The Interview has probably become the most controversial film of our time. Ever since the first trailer came out, the media has extensively covered the back and forth between Sony Pictures and the government of North Korea through both official and unofficial channels, from Sony’s early concession to edit out a […]

  • scrooged-4
    Scrooged is Objectively the Best Version of A Christmas Carol (Including the One by Charles Dickens)
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    Christmastime is upon us once again and that can mean only one thing: the return of holiday-themed media. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a great and glorious thing. I personally believe that if it were socially acceptable to blast Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Eve and Other Stories year-round, the world would be a much better […]

  • netflix-logo
    NerdGlow’s Netflix Recommendations Pt. 10
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    Black Mirror From Claire Rychlewski The first time I heard the title Black Mirror, I thought, “Oh, I get it! The black screens of our phones and computers and televisions really serve as a reflection of humanity’s current state. Cool.” It’s not often that I connect with a work’s title so instantly, but Black Mirror […]

  • theory of everything
    The Theory of Everything Review
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    I imagine one of the most difficult challenges for a writer and filmmaker must be finding a way to make a story interesting when everyone already knows the ending. In The Theory of Everything, we know that Stephen Hawking doesn’t die after two years. We know that he ends up becoming a highly-respected theoretical physicist. Even those […]

  • horrible bosses 2
    Horrible Bosses 2 Review
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    “I think we really hit our stride with kidnapping,” Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) comments to Dale (Charlie Day) about halfway through Horrible Bosses 2. The observation definitely doesn’t reflect what’s going on in the film—the trio of irreverent goofballs Kurt, Nick and Dale are just as terrible at crime in this movie as they were in […]

  • screen-shot-2014-11-28-at-9-22-43-am
    Star Wars: The Internet Awakens
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    If there is one word I would use to describe the Star Wars: Episode VII teaser trailer, it would be tense. From the first moment of the first shot, the viewer is filled with questions, none of which are completely  answered. We’re sitting in front of our computer screens pulling our hair and screaming, “It’s […]

  • interstellar_holy_shit_shot.0
    Interstellar Review
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    When I watched the first teaser for Interstellar,  I teared up at the sheer epicness of it. I knew at that point that I’d be counting down the days until Christopher Nolan’s space flick hit the big screen. Still, with as high as my expectations were coming into the film, I never thought that they would be exceeded in […]

  • Nightcrawler
    Nightcrawler Review
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    I have to admit that while watching, I wished I could be so bold. There is a scene about three-fourths of the way into Dan Gilroy’s suspense thriller Nightcrawler during which the film’s protagonist, intensely ambitious video producer Lou Bloom, outlines his demands to his rather taken-aback supervisor. Taken out of context, the monologue essentially represents […]

  • Big-Hero-6-Funny-Cute-Wallpaper-2014-Disney-1412893206157
    Big Hero 6 Review
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    After you’ve seen Interstellar and you begin to question your existence and the future of humanity, you should go see Big Hero 6. It will make you feel better. I promise. True to animated Disney movie form, the film begins with a story of loss for its hero – whose name is Hiro, oddly enough […]