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  • Dare to Be Stupendous: The Poster Art of Ryan Duggan
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    I have this fantasy that every city has its own amazing concert poster artist. You know the kind of posters I’m talking about: the screen-printed, bright-colored works of art you see at the best bars and venues. The thick-stocked signs you tear down and steal the moment you realize you’re going to the show. This […]

  • Image courtesy of IGN
    The Pros and Cons of a Ready Player One Film
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    Ernest Cline’s ode to all things gaming, ’80s, and nerdy was fated to be a film from the moment it was published. I learned only a few days ago that last month, Steven Spielberg signed on to direct the Ready Player One film that Cline himself and a handful of other screenwriters have been working […]

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    Doing it Right: Untangling Spider-Man’s Web
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    Well kids, it happened. Rumors had been pointing to this event for a while as cynical logic and studio execs denied its possibility. Spider-Man is finally being brought into the fold. The Web-head will be a part of the extremely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony Pictures will be maintaining final control over the webslinger, and Marvel Studios […]

  • Jurassic Park
    The Ill-Fated Mothering of Alien Bastard Children in Contemporary Sci-Fi
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    Science Fiction has long been a meditative genre; a mirror for one to view the human condition through bionic eyes and through the cockpits of wormhole-accessible spacecraft. In more contemporary sci-fi, however, we can find new elements emerging in the fogged lens of our mirror. Sci-fi now not only reflects gender issues more prominently, such […]

  • tHE gIRL on the train
    The Girl on the Train Review
    Posted in: Books

    We’ve all done it, some people call it spying or being intrusive but it is most often referred to as people watching. Seeing someone and wondering what kind of person they are, what they do for a living, if they’re married, what kind of life they live and so on. That’s exactly what Rachel, the […]

  • secret in their eyes
    The Secret In Their Eyes Review
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    “On the day when the assholes of the world throw a party, those two will welcome the others at the door, serve them refreshments, offer them cake, lead them in toasts, and wipe the crumbs from their lips,” says judiciary employee Pablo Sandoval to his boss, Benjamin Chaparro in Eduardo Sacheri’s book, The Secret In […]

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    For Whom The Bell Tolls Review
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    For a man who went on African safaris, reveled in the bloodlust of the Spanish bullfight and died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound, Ernest Hemingway’s work in For Whom the Bell Tolls seems to be searching for a quiet life away from all the war and bloodshed. George Orwell and Hemingway were both journalists assigned […]

  • The Humans
    The Music of: The Humans
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    I first heard about The Humans from Evan Minsker’s Shake Appeal column, and I just thought to myself, “Yeah, that’s something I would be into.” Simple as that. From there I got in contact with the right people and managed to procure a copy of issue #0 and the accompanying 7” record (both of which […]

  • king_leopolds-ghost
    Required Reading: King Leopold’s Ghost
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    Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, though now treated in most literary and academic circles as a parable applicable to any time and any place, was directly lifted from Conrad’s experiences going down the Congo River on a steamboat in the late 1800s. Then ruled by King Leopold of Belgium, the Congo was a lawless hell, […]