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    Confessions Of A Fanboy: Why I Loved WWDC 14
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    Alright, I’ll tell you right off the bat. I’m a massive Apple fanboy. I am among the ilk that think the world’s most exciting tech company walks on San Francisco Bay water. So you can imagine that whenever there is any kind of unveiling of the next manna from heaven, I’m going to view it with […]

  • puzzle games
    The Top 5 Puzzle Games Ever Made
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    The puzzle genre is often neglected by the American market. Why? Well, we’re a little too occupied blowing Master Chief’s brains out with assault rifles at the moment. There’s so much testosterone with shooters and sports that games like this are often passed off as downloadable gimmicks or nothing more than what it appears. “Are […]

  • 007 Nightfire
    Nightfire Is The Best 007 Video Game Ever
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    Ah! Ack! Stay back! Sorry, was just fighting off all the hate spewed at me for spelling Goldeneye: N-I-G-H– well you get the picture. But, let it be declared right now in the blackest of ink, I stand by my claim! I’ll start by addressing my relationship with Goldeneye, because I assume there aren’t many […]