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  • The Coneheads – L.P.1. Review
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    The Coneheads L.P.1. ETT Records February 14, 2015 Anybody remember when cassettes took up half the space at music stores? At 23, I must be around the youngest to have that memory. Music buying was different back then. Yes, cassettes are making a comeback, but show me a store that has more than two racks of […]

  • Joey Badass - B4.DA.$$
    B4.DA.$$. – Joey Bada$$ Review
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    Joey Bada$$ B4.DA.$$ Cinematic / Relentless January 20th, 2015 Joey Badass (stylized Bada$$) is a 20 year old rapper from Brooklyn, New York who, at his age, has already accomplished quite a bit. He is a founder of hip-hop collective Pro Era, a progenitor of the Beast Coast movement, consisting of other New York hip-hop […]

  • Twerps Range Anxiety
    Twerps – Range Anxiety Review
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    Twerps Range Anxiety Merge January 23rd, 2015 This record should come with a warning sticker: SAVE FOR SUMMER. It is one of the sunniest albums you’ll hear all winter. Don’t believe me? Tune in to track three (“Back to You”). The guitars bounce and the organ swirls. Lyrics find the singer “hanging in the trees […]

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    Obligatory Death Grips Speculation
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    On July 2nd, 2014 Death Grips unceremoniously announced their departure from the music industry by way of an image of a note written on a napkin posted to Facebook. Let’s revisit that sentence before proceeding. It contains two fallacies when talking about Death Grips. First is the fallacy that they would be considered part of any music […]

  • Sonic
    Best Boss Music Pt. 2
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    Here’s a list for the nostalgic gamer or the curious. Each of the ten themes listed here has had an emotional impact on the way I view boss fights. Yes, I grew up during the console wars and mainly played JRPGS and side-scrollers from the SNES and PS2. Nevertheless, I think it’s amazing that, for […]

  • aoty2014
    NerdGlow’s Top 10 Albums of 2014 In 10 Words Or Less
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    It’s that time of year when a lot of music listeners reflect on the releases of the year, or in most cases, do a Google search for which albums they liked actually got released in 2014. By this time, all of our favorites have already sunk into permanent rotation within our cerebral cortexes and have lost their […]

  • band_aid_do_they_know_its_christmas_12_inch_remix1-e1323975599524
    Do They Know It’s Christmas? 30 Years Later
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    When I was a child, there was only a very small selection of Christmas songs that I would actually dread hearing on the radio. Most of those songs, I still dislike to this day. If I flip to a station playing Brenda Lee’s version of Rocking Around The Christmas Tree, the dial is spun faster […]

  • The Killers christmas
    Ranking The Killers’ Christmas Songs
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    Since 2006, the Killers have released a Christmas song each year, with the profits going to support the RED campaign. Instead of covering some of the standards, Brandon Flowers and co. have found a way to come up with originals that not only serve as quality purveyors of Christmas cheer, but also stick to the […]

  • The Humans
    The Music of: The Humans
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    I first heard about The Humans from Evan Minsker’s Shake Appeal column, and I just thought to myself, “Yeah, that’s something I would be into.” Simple as that. From there I got in contact with the right people and managed to procure a copy of issue #0 and the accompanying 7” record (both of which […]