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    Interstellar Review
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    When I watched the first teaser for Interstellar,  I teared up at the sheer epicness of it. I knew at that point that I’d be counting down the days until Christopher Nolan’s space flick hit the big screen. Still, with as high as my expectations were coming into the film, I never thought that they would be exceeded in […]

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    The Ever Enigma: Seeing Bob Dylan
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    While at the Cadillac Palace Theater in Chicago a few weeks ago, I noticed a lot of young men who could be Bob Dylan; mops of curly hair, non-descript pea-coats, with shuffling, languid walks that seemed to belong to a subterranean coffee shop in Greenwich Village circa 1965. They were, as I was, there to […]

  • HIgh Fidelity
    Four Books That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud In Public
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    Contrary to popular belief (likely fueled by the amount of times I’ve said, “I just thought the ending was too happy,”) I actually can appreciate a light-hearted experience. A while back I brought to the table four books that will make you re-evaluate the breadth of your emotional scale; this time, we’re snorting in public. […]

  • Tracer Bullet Calvin and Hobbes Calvins Cinema
    Calvin’s Cinema
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    Life is all a big performance for Calvin, with everything he does being bigger in his mind than it really is. That makes him the perfect subject to take on some of the best lines from some of the most iconic films of all time. Some of the lines featured on this page will be […]

  • Doctor-Strange
    Who Is Doctor Strange?
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    Who is Doctor Stephen Strange? An arrogant neurosurgeon. A tortured soul. The sorcerer supreme. Most importantly for us, he is Benedict Cumberbatch… hopefully. There is still no official announcement from Marvel and hopefully this casting doesn’t go the way of Joaquin Phoenix, but as of now, the fantastically named Englishman will take the reins. Marvel’s […]

  • ADIMIRON-Timelapse-2014
    Adimiron – Timelapse Review
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    Adimiron Timelapse Scarlet Records November 4th, 2014 After entering their tenth year of existence, progressive metal outfit Adimiron will release their fourth effort Timelapse this November. Brutality is a universal language, but Adimiron honors that now time-honored tradition of European metal bands singing in English. So you’ll have no idea they hail from Italy. Well, now you […]

  • Vader Disney (1)
    A Few Star Wars Tropes Disney Should Avoid
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    As world shattering to pop culture and storytelling as the original Star Wars trilogy was, the movies were not without their flaws. None of the pronunciations of planets or species were consistent. The worst actors in A New Hope were the Stormtroopers. They weren’t even actors! They were voiced by disk jockeys across the street […]

  • Zero Theorem
    The Zero Theorem Review
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    One memorable scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory involves Wonka and his guests on a boat that keeps going and going through a terrifying tunnel as the walls rush past, faster and faster. It’s a brief moment of nightmare that’s made bearable by the knowledge that a candy paradise is at either end. In […]