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    Doing it Right: Untangling Spider-Man’s Web
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    Well kids, it happened. Rumors had been pointing to this event for a while as cynical logic and studio execs denied its possibility. Spider-Man is finally being brought into the fold. The Web-head will be a part of the extremely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony Pictures will be maintaining final control over the webslinger, and Marvel Studios […]

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    PC Budget Games (for the Holidays!): Papers, Please
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    Papers, Please is a game where you are tasked with checking and confirming the validity of national immigration documents. And it’s really good. Lucas Pope’s 2013 indie title places you at an immigration checkpoint in the fictional country of Arstotzka during the 1980s. The core aspects of the gameplay are simple enough, you check the […]

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    PC Budget Games (for the Holidays!): Gone Home
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    It’s that time of the year, the time that some people look forward to, and others dread. I’m talking about returning home for the holidays. You know, catching up with your family and spending time with the people you grew up with. Imagine if after a long flight home, you arrive at your family’s house […]

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    Gone Girl Review From A Non-Reader
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    Director David Fincher’s mind must be a dark, stylish place… That is, if his mind mirrors the movies he makes. Se7en, Zodiac, and The Game show that murder-mysteries are Fincher’s wheel house, and now the director is back with Gone Girl—the film adaptation of the super popular book of the same name. Gone Girl gives […]

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    Casting The Stand
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    Stephen King’s novel The Stand is frequently regarded as one of the iconic author’s best works. It’s got all of the works of an epic narrative: crumbling society, dystopia, terrifying evils, relatable altruists, and folk song lyrics. Surprisingly, the film has not been adapted into the big-screen epic that it seems so well-suited for–but that’s not for […]