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    Obligatory Death Grips Speculation
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    On July 2nd, 2014 Death Grips unceremoniously announced their departure from the music industry by way of an image of a note written on a napkin posted to Facebook. Let’s revisit that sentence before proceeding. It contains two fallacies when talking about Death Grips. First is the fallacy that they would be considered part of any music […]

  • aoty2014
    NerdGlow’s Top 10 Albums of 2014 In 10 Words Or Less
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    It’s that time of year when a lot of music listeners reflect on the releases of the year, or in most cases, do a Google search for which albums they liked actually got released in 2014. By this time, all of our favorites have already sunk into permanent rotation within our cerebral cortexes and have lost their […]

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    Adimiron – Timelapse Review
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    Adimiron Timelapse Scarlet Records November 4th, 2014 After entering their tenth year of existence, progressive metal outfit Adimiron will release their fourth effort Timelapse this November. Brutality is a universal language, but Adimiron honors that now time-honored tradition of European metal bands singing in English. So you’ll have no idea they hail from Italy. Well, now you […]

  • Adult Swim Singles Program
    Adult Swim Singles Program 2014: Bangers and Mashups
    Posted in: Music

    It must not be difficult to launch a record label, otherwise you wouldn’t see just about every band signing other bands in their own image. See also: Deathwish, All Black and Third Man. What you don’t see are very many fringe cartoon studios getting into the game. In fact, there’s only one: Adult Swim. Adult Swim already […]

  • Tim couldn’t wait to finally cast Steve Job’s shadow aside…by dusting off another Steve Jobs tradition.
    Apple Watch: Why Your Wrist Will Be Sore In 2015
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    One More Thing, Once More As the whole world tuned in to Apple’s September 9th event as it always does, it was all but confirmed that we were getting a watch from our demigods in Cupertino. If you were able to get past the catastrophic live stream without having a coronary or do the reliable thing […]

  • Loose Canon
    Loose Canon Ponders Ewoks, Turns To The Dark Side
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    What’s so special about Endor? Why were little teddy bear people able to bring down a galactic government? Why is the dark side so sexy? If you’ve ever pondered these questions, then you need to check out the latest installments of our Star Wars podcast: Loose Canon. Listen to There’s Something About Endor and How Sith Work. You’ll find […]

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    Pallbearer – Foundations Of Burden Review
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    Pallbearer Foundations of Burden Profound Lore I am no unbiased source when it comes to the popularity of metal music. Dwelling within that world and waking anew in it every morning makes one forget that most people actually do not consume metal. In my mind, everyone else is geeking out to the new releases from […]

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    Weird Al Round-Up: Return Of The King
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    In case you’ve been living under wifi-less rock this week, I’m about reignite some childhood nostalgia. Alfred Matthew Yankovic, better known as ‘Weird Al’, pledged to release eight music videos in eight days. All in conjunction with his latest studio release Mandatory Fun, his first since 2011’s Alpocalypse.   Weird Al has consistently released fresh […]