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  • lucy-poster
    Lucy Review
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    The next time I sit down, determined to write good science fiction but floundering with a plausible concept, I’ll think of Lucy and remember that a simple premise yields the best results. So, if you have a problem with Luc Besson’s sci-fi funfest relying on the myth we only use 10 percent of our brains […]

  • lucy-scarlett-johansson
    Lucy Promises Some Inspirational Ass-Kicking
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    Summer is in full swing, and the typical host of blockbusting action films is coming down the pike. We can look forward to Dawn Of The Planet of The Apes (though I’ve truly had enough of this franchise), Hercules, and Guardians of the Galaxy, among others. But what I’m most excited for is Luc Besson’s […]

  • Gollum-Smeagol-smeagol-gollum-14076779-960-403
    4 Fantasy Characters Who Deserve A Spin-Off    
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    In any series, there are some characters you just want to see more of. Media producers have been capitalizing off this desire since 1941, when Throckmorton P. Guildersleeve (what a name!), a supporting character from radio comedy show Fibber McGee and Molly got his very own program. In the last 70-odd years of pop-culture, there […]

  • Anti-hero
    Anti Anti-Hero
    Posted in: TV

    In the season two opener of Orange Is The New Black, Piper Chapman, the show’s protagonist, is dealing with the aftermath of her brutal attack on a fellow inmate. While being transferred under guard on a plane bound to Chicago, she treats her fellow travelers—and the audience—to a tearful monologue on her newly realized capacity […]

  • i robot
    5 Sci-Fi Books That Should Be Adapted Into Movies
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    Fantasy has made a tremendous comeback. No longer associated solely with guys wearing cloaks around a table playing Dungeons and Dragons (not that I’d ever sincerely knock that as a good time), the genre has become fairly mainstream thanks to well-produced screen adaptations of books like A Song Of Ice And Fire and The Lord of […]

  • battlestar_galactica
    Why I’m Nervous About The Battlestar Galactica Movie
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    The Dwight Schrutes of the world are in a state of simultaneous excitement and trepidation as Universal Studios have announced their intention to produce a movie version of the sci-fi franchise Battlestar Galactica. With four TV series within the universe, Battlestar is a mildly (read: IMMENSELY) under-appreciated drama about the battle between humans and their […]

  • Gillian Flynn
    A Gillian Flynn Reader’s Guide
    Posted in: Books

    Gillian Flynn has written three books, none of which you should loan to your 12-year-old sibling. Here’s a quick, relatively spoiler-free guide, should you want to bone up before the cinematic premiere of Flynn’s third book Gone Girl, in October 2014.   Sharp Objects If you like: David Lynch, Law and Order: SVU, and books and […]

  • Heathers
    The Original Mean Girls: Where Everyone’s Favorite Comedy Got Its Inspiration
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    The ten-year anniversary of the premiere of Mean Girls was this past April, prompting a slew of Facebook statuses, tweets and blogposts from various millennials waxing poetic, quoting memorable lines and fretting over how “old” they feel. A decade later, Mean Girls is a pop-culture icon—slightly amazing, considering the over-stimulated world we live in where […]

  • gone_girl
    Will Gillian Flynn Ruin Gone Girl?
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    Gone Girl, the adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s third book, comes out October 3, 2014. I’ve been waiting for a Flynn movie since her first novel debuted, and Gone Girl—a super-hit mystery about a warped marriage—was a clear choice for another dark Hollywood thriller for David Fincher to put in his pocket. The story might as […]