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  • US legend Bob Dylan performs on stage du
    The Ever Enigma: Seeing Bob Dylan
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    While at the Cadillac Palace Theater in Chicago a few weeks ago, I noticed a lot of young men who could be Bob Dylan; mops of curly hair, non-descript pea-coats, with shuffling, languid walks that seemed to belong to a subterranean coffee shop in Greenwich Village circa 1965. They were, as I was, there to […]

  • HIgh Fidelity
    Four Books That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud In Public
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    Contrary to popular belief (likely fueled by the amount of times I’ve said, “I just thought the ending was too happy,”) I actually can appreciate a light-hearted experience. A while back I brought to the table four books that will make you re-evaluate the breadth of your emotional scale; this time, we’re snorting in public. […]

  • Zooey-Deschanel-in-New-Girl-Naked-1-04-zooey-deschanel-26901773-1280-720
    On New Girl, Zooey Deschanel, And Chilling Out On The Hate
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    I like Zooey Deschanel. There. I’ve said it. For a very long time, probably since 500 Days of Summer came out and that cultural archetype that we’ve all come to embrace for those unordinary, quirky female characters was coined, I’ve felt a very intense pressure to hate Deschanel. Or perhaps, what she, singularly, seemed to represent. Friends, peers, […]

  • gone_girl
    Gone Girl Review From A Reader
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    “Amy is ten times crazier in the book.” It was a sentence I said to everyone I knew who’d seen Gone Girl and hadn’t read Gillian Flynn’s original novel. I told friends, coworkers, my movie-viewing partner. I felt it needed to be said, since Rosamund Pike’s icy, measured, sociopathic Amy was already pretty far-gone, mentally speaking. Gone Girl, David Fincher’s […]

    Four Books That Will Kick Your Emotional Teeth In
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    Books can really blow your doors off, huh? Here are four novels that will have you sitting up at night staring at your wall, wondering how fictional characters could make you feel so goddamned sad. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, Carson McCullers I read the majority of this on public transportation, which was a […]

  • Casablanca-Two-Shot
    Casablanca Revisited
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    There’s a reason certain works of art are called classics. The word implies a sense of worth—an established importance that maintains relevance well beyond its debut. Classics are re-readable, re-watchable, re-listenable. It’s not just that they hold up; upon each revisit, you discover something new. I’ve seen the film Casablanca three times now. I remembered […]

  • dave-eggerss-new-novel-scathingly-mocks-the-silicon-valley-cult
    The Circle Review
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    As we move into an age where respite from a self-induced barrage of audio-visuals and virtual interaction is rare, most culture theorists posit that the complacent, distracted society in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World may soon be our reality. In Dave Eggers’ The Circle, the question becomes: what might happen if the corporations responsible for our […]

  • trueblood-wide
    Saying Goodbye to True Blood
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    Every Sunday, for about two months out of the year, I ask myself why I’m still watching True Blood. In its seventh and final season now, the show has run through the gamut of plotlines, love connections, and cliffhangers, it’s essentially borrowing from itself at this point, and there’s certainly not enough quality material in […]

    Required Reading: Guns, Germs and Steel
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    My senior year of high school, my English teacher told me something that’s has stayed with me ever since. “Nothing,” she said, “is boring as long as you don’t want it to be.” It was after we had all read a particularly dry chapter of Annie Dillard’s An American Childhood—Dillard’s childhood love for rocks and […]