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    The Heart Review
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    A month or so ago, a friend of mine gchatted me. “I have a podcast I think you’ll really like,” she said. “It’s flame.” The Heart, she said, when I pressed her. Have you heard of it? No, I hadn’t heard of it. But I had a 40-minute commute ahead of me and I was […]

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    House of Cards Season Three: Hitting It Out Of Nats Park
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    Disclaimer: SPOILERS ABOUND. (Though, if you haven’t watched the entirety of season three already, I’m not sure what you’ve been doing.) I love Kevin Spacey. That’s not the spoiler. But, like—I love him. If Kevin Spacey were to walk into a bar and ask me to go home with him at the risk of losing […]

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    Aziz Ansari, LIVE! Review
    Posted in: TV

    Aziz Ansari is a rare breed. I don’t mean it in the way it sounds—plenty of comedians do what he does, perhaps better. Rather, Ansari has an acute ability to bring what might border on a shrill and potentially annoying demeanor together with layered, smart humor for an end product that is equal parts wacky […]

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    Whiplash Review
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    When the blood begins to spurt from the webbing between his thumb and his forefinger, seeming to splash in time with the unrelenting jazz drumbeat, you just want it to be over. In fact, you wanted it to be over three minutes ago, when you could see the post-traumatic stress already beginning to form in […]

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    Love Is Strange Review
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    Ira Sachs’ Love Is Strange is a gorgeous 90-minute window into a 40-year-relationship and one of the best films about love in the last five years. The movie opens with the wedding of Ben (John Lithgow), a vivacious painter who never quite achieved the success he expected, and George (Alfred Molina), an introspective music teacher—finally […]

  • secret in their eyes
    The Secret In Their Eyes Review
    Posted in: Books

    “On the day when the assholes of the world throw a party, those two will welcome the others at the door, serve them refreshments, offer them cake, lead them in toasts, and wipe the crumbs from their lips,” says judiciary employee Pablo Sandoval to his boss, Benjamin Chaparro in Eduardo Sacheri’s book, The Secret In […]

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    Required Reading: King Leopold’s Ghost
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    Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, though now treated in most literary and academic circles as a parable applicable to any time and any place, was directly lifted from Conrad’s experiences going down the Congo River on a steamboat in the late 1800s. Then ruled by King Leopold of Belgium, the Congo was a lawless hell, […]

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    Horrible Bosses 2 Review
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    “I think we really hit our stride with kidnapping,” Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) comments to Dale (Charlie Day) about halfway through Horrible Bosses 2. The observation definitely doesn’t reflect what’s going on in the film—the trio of irreverent goofballs Kurt, Nick and Dale are just as terrible at crime in this movie as they were in […]

  • Nightcrawler
    Nightcrawler Review
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    I have to admit that while watching, I wished I could be so bold. There is a scene about three-fourths of the way into Dan Gilroy’s suspense thriller Nightcrawler during which the film’s protagonist, intensely ambitious video producer Lou Bloom, outlines his demands to his rather taken-aback supervisor. Taken out of context, the monologue essentially represents […]