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    Mad Men S7 E8 ‘Severance’ Review
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    Naturally, spoilers follow. Mad Men is ending this spring. If I keep saying it maybe eventually I’ll be okay with it. But all personal feelings aside, the cable drama that put AMC on the map in terms of original programming and ran the pass thrown by The Wire and The Sopranos into the end-zone to […]

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    Behind The Throne: Tyrion Lannister and Richard III
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    SPOILER WARNING: If you aren’t caught up on Game of Thrones, you probably should go take care of that before reading this article. Especially considering the limited amount of time you have to catch up before the new season starts. Imagine for moment: you are a commoner in a pre-industrial kingdom. After a hard day’s […]

  • The Interview
    Kim Jong-Un Might Have Been Right to Fear The Interview
    Posted in: Movies

    For better or worse, The Interview has probably become the most controversial film of our time. Ever since the first trailer came out, the media has extensively covered the back and forth between Sony Pictures and the government of North Korea through both official and unofficial channels, from Sony’s early concession to edit out a […]

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    Scrooged is Objectively the Best Version of A Christmas Carol (Including the One by Charles Dickens)
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    Christmastime is upon us once again and that can mean only one thing: the return of holiday-themed media. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a great and glorious thing. I personally believe that if it were socially acceptable to blast Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Eve and Other Stories year-round, the world would be a much better […]