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  • Loose Canon
    What’s New For Loose Canon
    Posted in: Podcasts

    The first NerdGlow podcast, Loose Canon, is well underway. With four episodes live on the web, wannabe Jedi Nicholas Oswald, Patrick Ebersole and Alex Lowe have been quickly showing the world that they spend more time thinking about the Star Wars universe than the universe they live in. This week’s episode is part physics lesson […]

  • Drive
    The Best Drive Fan Art
    Posted in: Featured, Stuff You Watch

    While a good trailer can get me really excited and great images from set have their place, there’s no form of promotion that gets me more excited than a quality film poster. Unfortunately, studios often are faced with churning out mindless sheets that can draw Jimmy and his mom into the theater on release. More […]

  • Her
    Her Review
    Posted in: Featured, Movies

    “Sometimes I think I’ve felt everything I’m ever gonna feel, and from here on out I’m not going to feel anything new, just lesser versions of what I’ve already felt.” That’s a line that Joaquin Phoenix‘s Theodore says in the first act of Spike Jonze’s Her, and after all the beauty of the rest of the film, […]

  • 007 Nightfire
    Nightfire Is The Best 007 Video Game Ever
    Posted in: Video Games

    Ah! Ack! Stay back! Sorry, was just fighting off all the hate spewed at me for spelling Goldeneye: N-I-G-H– well you get the picture. But, let it be declared right now in the blackest of ink, I stand by my claim! I’ll start by addressing my relationship with Goldeneye, because I assume there aren’t many […]

  • background
    Welcome To NerdGlow!
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    Welcome to NerdGlow! In every group of friends I’ve ever had, and really in any social situation where I find myself suckered into conversation, there’s no topic more accessible and more beloved than pop culture. If someone’s passionate about a movie or a musician, you can be sure they’re going to let you know about […]