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    Interstellar Review
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    When I watched the first teaser for Interstellar,  I teared up at the sheer epicness of it. I knew at that point that I’d be counting down the days until Christopher Nolan’s space flick hit the big screen. Still, with as high as my expectations were coming into the film, I never thought that they would be exceeded in […]

  • Tracer Bullet Calvin and Hobbes Calvins Cinema
    Calvin’s Cinema
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    Life is all a big performance for Calvin, with everything he does being bigger in his mind than it really is. That makes him the perfect subject to take on some of the best lines from some of the most iconic films of all time. Some of the lines featured on this page will be […]

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    The Internet Arcade Brings More Than 900 Games For Free
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    In my younger days, I’d spend many nights online looking at various gaming websites, looking for the ideal way to waste an evening. Once my Juno dial-up was ready, I’d browse the likes of SI Kids, Homestar Runner, or whatever else my Yahoo! search results yielded. It was the days before I had a console, so […]

  • Zero Theorem
    The Zero Theorem Review
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    One memorable scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory involves Wonka and his guests on a boat that keeps going and going through a terrifying tunnel as the walls rush past, faster and faster. It’s a brief moment of nightmare that’s made bearable by the knowledge that a candy paradise is at either end. In […]

  • Chloe-Moretz-In-Carrie
    Carrie Review
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    I remember my senior prom very fondly. It was at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, which is just about as awesome of a location for a prom as possible. I think the only place better would be in an ice castle, and that isn’t really feasible in the Midwest in May. But […]

  • The-Drop
    The Drop Review
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    For all the explosive action coming to the big screen from studios looking for the next blockbuster, it’s always nice to have something more contemplative (when done well). In the case of The Drop, there’s no shortage of elements that would fit right into a Shane Black film, or even (shudder) a Michael Bay flick. Fortunately […]

  • Side-Effects-out-of-focus
    Side Effects Review
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    CAUTION: Viewing Side Effects may lead to increased desire to watch Rooney Mara act in anything, feelings of anxiety that you won’t go bald as suavely as Jude Law, and intense depression that Steven Soderbergh is retiring from directing. In addition, there may be aggressive reactions to how sharp the story is, unusual thoughts brought […]

  • Aladdin Robin Williams
    Aladdin And Why Robin Williams’ Death Stings
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    By the time I sat down to begin writing this article, I had written an obituary for Robin Williams, written a tribute to his performance in Good Will Hunting, watched a half dozen Robin Williams movies, and spent a week and a day reflecting on the loss of one of my favorite actors. At this […]

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    Welcome To The New NerdGlow
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    Hello again! I’d like to take this chance to formally welcome you to the renovated NerdGlow, though you likely already know that if you clicked on this article. For the foreseeable future, NerdGlow will be delivered in a periodical format. That means a chunk of articles coming out every two weeks, on Thursday morning, hopefully […]